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February 3rd 2016

Schmancy, Schmancy, Schmancy... Everyone in Calgary is talking about Schmancy! 

For the past four years, Schmancy has been The Glenbow Museum's largest fundraiser; Schmancy also happens to be the event of the year.

Schmancy is the one night you can dress up and look as chic as ever, but the question always is: "WHAT DO I WEAR?!" 

For me, dressing up is something I enjoy, but the stress of looking for the perfect outfit is always the hardest part! 

Thankfully, I'm here to help with that! 

I've curated a few of my favorite looks for this years Schmancy! Hope this helps! 

See you guys this Saturday at Schmancy in support of The Glenbow Museum! 


Chloe... YYC Belle 

For more info on Schmancy, click here.


Alice and Olivia "Shary V-Neck" 

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Aidan by Aidan Mattox "Stripe Two-Piece Ball Gown"

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Yumi Kim "Save The Date"

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Topshop "Jacquard Pinafore"

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