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YYC Belle 2.0

July 15th 2015

I've been very busy the last year and a half trying to make YYC Belle a blog that my readers enjoy and continue to follow. 

With your continued support, I have ventured into YYC Belle 2.0! 

I hope you all like my new site as much as I do... Let me know your feedback!! 

Have a great day! 


Chloe... YYC Belle 

Shirt: Bella Dahl, Jeans: 7 For All Mankind, Shoes: Christian Louboutain

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very nice! good job, fun to follow your fun!

Zia Ivana
2015-07-15 17:09:42
Congratulations Chloe! I have followed you all along on YYC Belle with great pride! Looking forward to your next round of success with YYC Belle 2.0!💞

Suzanne Chuckry
2015-07-15 14:56:44
Looks pretty slick sis, congrats!!

2015-07-15 12:49:02
Love it!

Melissa Stein
2015-07-15 12:21:13
Hey Baby! The site looks great!

Really proud of you.


2015-07-15 12:00:36
It looks great Chloe!!

Allie Miller
2015-07-15 10:47:20
If YYC Belle 2.0 is even half as pretty as those Louboutains...I'll sure I will totally love it :)

2015-07-15 09:51:11
Love it! You go girl :)

Rudi Skrudland
2015-07-15 09:12:08
Congratulations on your success, we're very proud of you!
Love you

Colleen Cappelletto
2015-07-15 07:40:31