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July 12th 2016

Now that we are officially halfway through Stampede, we can only drink so much Gatorade and Cru Juice to help us recover.

One of the things we forget to take care of most is our skin. I have super sensitive skin, so trying new products is scary to me. 

When I first heard of Zorah Biocosmetiques, I was pretty much sold!

Zorah Biocosmetiques is made from all natural, organic argan oil, which helps with acne, skin irritations, rosacea, and so much more!

Zorah is a local Canadian skin care brand that I highly recommend and am so happy I found!

Below are a few of my favorite products! 

Have a great day! 


Chloe... YYC Belle  

My favorite ZORAH products

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Purete is what I use before I go to sleep. It controls acne, nourishes, repairs, and reconstructs damaged skin! I wake up, wash my face, and I swear... It glows! 

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Inua is a mattifying moisturizer that I use right after I wash my face. It soothes and purifies skin while making your skin matte, not oily!

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Kaila is my makeup remover. It removes mascara and makeup like a gem, while also fighting breakouts! What's not to love?

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