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Let's Talk Self-Tanner

May 31st 2017

I know that summer is right around the corner and I'll be getting a natural tan soon enough, but at this moment, I have zero patience and want a bit of color now... That is where self-tanner comes into play! 

I'm really a self-tanner girl; lotions, mousses, wipes, I've tried my fair share of tanners!

Through the process of sometimes badly tanned orange skin, I now have my self-tanning regime down to a science. I now know how long each tanner takes for the tan to actually come to the surface of my skin, how long I have to wait until after my shower to apply the tanner, and basically just how to apply tanners without looking streaky and fake!

Below, I have rounded-up of my favorite self-tanners, with a little bit of info as to how I use them. 

What is your go-to self-tanner? 

Have a great day! 


Chloe... YYC Belle 

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse  is my personal favorite. I use this a couple of times a week after I shower, and within four hours, I have a natural glow like I just got back from the beach. The tan lasts, works, and in my opinion, is the best! 

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Kate Somerville Tanning Wipes  smell amazing (like Froot Loops!) and are perfect for a lazy person who last minute decided to wear a skirt and their legs need some color. Each wipe is quite big, so I usually use just one for my legs, and within an hour or two, I have a glow!

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St. Tropez Everyday Body Lotion is perfect for someone who is new to self-tanner. It takes about a day for the color to show up, but it looks super natural and with a few consistent uses, you look sun kissed! 

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First Aid Beauty Slow Glow Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizer is the only product I trust for my face! I mix it with my usual moisturizer, and throughout the day my face gets a nice, natural glow. I get scared to self-tan my face due to the orange factor that could happen, but this one is subtle and amazing! 

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Jergens Wet Skin Tanning Moisturizer is a game changer. Gone are the days of waiting 10 minutes after you shower and moisturize to finally apply tanner! Use this right after you step out of the shower, and within a day you'll have a beautiful, natural looking tan! 

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